Table of contents of Van Ierland et al. (2001)

(Hueting Congress)

Book title: Economic Growth and the Valuation of the Environment, A Debate
Editors: Ekko C. van Ierland, Jan van der Straaten and Herman R.J. Vollebergh
Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK, 2001

1. Valuation of nature and the environment
Ekko C. van Ierland, Jan van der Straaten and Herman R.J. Vollebergh

Part One Setting the Stage

2. Environmental valuation and sustainable national income according to Hueting
Roefie Hueting and Bart de Boer

3. Three persistent myths in the environmental debate
Roefie Hueting

4. Key issues in environmental economics
Paul Ekins

Part Two Reflections

5. Roefie Hueting’s perpendicular ‘demand curve’ and the issue of objective value
Herman E. Daly

6. Values, valuation and valuing processes
Richard B. Norgaard, Astrid J. Scholz and Sarah Fleisher Trainor

7. Technical progress, finite resources and intergenerational justice
Wilfred Beckerman

Part Three Green Accouting and Sustainable National Income

8. Steering by the right compass: the quest for a better assessment of the national product
Salah El Serafy

9. Valuing nature
David Pearce, Kirk Hamilton and Giles Atkinson

10. Natural capital, the greened national product and the monetization frontier
Sylvie Faucheux and Martin O’ Connor

11. Alternative calculations of a sustainable national income for the Netherlands acoording to Hueting
Harmen Verbruggen, Rob. B. Dellink, Reyer Gerlach, Marjan W. Hofkes and Huib M.A. Jansen

Part Four Conclusion

12. An appreciation of Dr Roefie Hueting’s ecological work
Robert Goodland

13. Rejoinders to symposium authors
Roefie Hueting